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Do You Know How Hard it is to Keep a Flat Hat on a Round Head?

| August 30, 2017
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Dad always wants us to dress up for work.  But I'm just a country boy at heart and it's really difficult to keep this hat on!  If I could get it to just slip down a little further, I could use it to hold water or treats.  With it halfway down, I just look silly!  Rest assured that you don't need to dress up to come see us - or Dad.  Come as you are!  (But if you're wearing a hat like this, I'm going to think you're making fun of me.)  And if you think I look funny, you should see the tiara that Sarah is wearing:


Doesn't she look happy?  Well, I gotta go and figure how to either swing this thing onto my head or get it off my nose.  (Sarah's tiara is on so tight she'll never get it off!... LOL)

Wags & Licks,


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