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Doodles Hanging Out

| August 02, 2017
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Hello all.  Abers here.  Sarah and I have been hanging out at the office, just chilling.  You can tell from our picture who has control of the bone and toy. (me)  ... Just kidding.  Sarah and I actually share all of our bones and toys.  Mom and Dad taught us to be nice to one another.  One of Dad's guiding principles in his business is to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  He says that includes everyone we know - even cute Goldendoodles.  (I'm not sure what a principle is, let alone a guiding one, but this respect and kindness stuff seems to help everyone feel good about themselves.  I know it's worked for Sarah and me.)  And we do our part, too.  If you come visit us, Sarah will lick your face if you get close enough! (That's the kindness part.)  I don't lick faces.  I lick too many other things to put my tongue on your face. (That's the respect part.)  But I do give you the opportunity to be kind to me... That's Right!... I let you pet me and bring me treats!  Sarah says all I do is think about myself.  Da!  I'm a dog and a male - that's what we do.  And besides, look at me... how can you not give me lovin?  Well, I've got to go.  Someone just walked in the door and I have a job to do.

Wags and Licks,


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