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Getting Ready for Winter

| October 17, 2017
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Well, winter is almost here. And sure enough, Mom made us try on our winter jackets to make sure they still fit.  As you can see, I have kept my trim physique over the years and my jacket still fits.  (I must admit I was a little surprised that Sarah's jacket still fit - she does tend to hit the kibble a little heavy at times!)  Ouch!  Sarah, why did you bite me?  Anyway, many of you may not know that I gave up a modelling career to work at Steinberg Financial.  Ouch!  Sarah, it's true!  But I digress... please remember to keep your pets safe over the winter.  When it's real cold, don't leave them out for too long of a period.  And if they're willing, dress them warm.  (I know, fellow canines, the neighbor dogs sometimes make fun of Sarah and me in our winter coats.  And I don't even want to get into the comments they make when we wear our boots!  But you know what?  We're nice and warm - and stylish!  They're cold - and naked!)  Oh, no.  Here comes Mom with winter hats.  Come on, Sarah, let's get out of here!

Wags & Licks,


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