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Is that a Squirrel?

| September 29, 2017
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Hello everyone!  Sorry that I haven't written for awhile but I've been really busy.  Dad and our step-brother, Chris, have been meeting with lots of people.  That means I have had to show all these people how to pet me properly and Sarah has had to alert the office to all these people arriving!  And I don't like to complain, but there has been a scarcity of treats!  (FYI... we like apple slices and carrots.)  As you can see in the picture, Dad sometimes lets us sit outside to get some fresh air as a way to relax during the day.  On this particular day, we both thought we saw a squirrel under the bush!  We were surprised because we've made it clear that this is our territory and no other furry creatures are welcome.  (Sometime when you're here I'll explain how you "mark" your territory.  Both Sarah and I have done it many times - all over the place!  Some of these other varmints just don't get the message.)  We were told to sit and stay for this picture, but a squirrel is a squirrel.  Come on, Sarah, let's go get it!  Bye...

Wags and Licks,


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