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The Goldendoodles are Packer-Backers!

| September 07, 2017
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Go Pack Go!  (Sorry Bears fans.)  Yes, Sarah and I are Packer Backers.  Dad has been a Packers fan for 59 years so we have to follow his lead.  (Also because he feeds us and gives us treats.)  Still another reason is that he put these jerseys on us and we can't get them off!  Every week, we all watch the Packer game.  Sometimes Dad yells a lot.  When he does, we go into the other room.  Mom asks Dad why he watches the game if he gets so worked up over it.  It doesn't seem like he has come up with a good answer yet.  When the Packers win, we get treats, bones and extra pets.  When they lose, we go lie down under the dining room table and be real quiet. 

If you're not a Packer fan, bring us a jersey from your favorite team.  We'll wear it for a picture and Dad will post it on the Steinberg Financial Facebook page.  (We might even autograph it for you!)  Well, Dad wants us to run some plays before we take the jerseys off.  (I wish Sarah could catch.  Whenever I throw her the ball, it just bounces off her head.  How embarrassing.)

Wags & Licks,


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