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We're Back!!!

| April 24, 2018
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We’re Back!!!

Yes indeedy, we are back! As some of you may know, my little buddy, Sarah, had major surgery on January 12th. As of today, she is about halfway through her rehabilitation period. (Bet you didn’t think a pretty boy like me could come up with such a big word!) As you can guess, the last few months have been very busy with all of us having to get Sarah back up and “wagging.” Due to my added responsibilities of nursing Sarah back to health (Mom and Dad helped too), I had to cut back on my blogging. But now that Sarah is well on her way to a full recovery, I can begin blogging again! And I’d like to share our recovery story with you! Let’s start at the beginning. Sarah tore her CCL. The vet told me it is comparable to a human’s ACL. (Way too many abbreviations for me – another big word!) Then he said that the best surgery for her involved cutting through her bone and attaching a plate with screws. I growled at him just for suggesting such a mean thing. He explained that it was the best way to get her back to normal. Then he said how much it would cost. Dad used a swear word. But then he said, “OK, whatever it takes. We can’t put a price on all the love she’s brought into so many lives.” That made me wag my tail. So, the next day Sarah had her surgery. Then the day after that, I got to go visit her. I have included a picture of her from that day.                                  

I must admit, I was scared! Sarah is my Alpha dog (and I am her Beta dog). Her leg was all shaved. They had some black stuff wrapped around her tail. She had a big cut on the inside of her leg. And then if all that wasn’t enough, they put a satellite dish on her head! I knew right then and there that I had to become the temporary Alpha dog. I had to protect and take care of Sarah. She needed me.

And here begins our recovery story...    Stay tuned for my next blog.

Wags and Licks,


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