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We're Waiting for You.

| July 17, 2017
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Dad says I could become a celebrity.  He says that more people might come to see us now.  When Dad said that, Sarah and I ran to the front door.  We're waiting for you.  Sarah can stare out the door for hours.  I am easily distracted.  I try to stare, but then I have to scratch my ear, or bite my paw, or lick my... (Oops, Dad told me not to talk about that.).  He also promised that if I get a lot of followers, he'll let Sarah and I ride inside the truck cab instead of the truck bed.  I'm not sure I want a lot of followers.  That sounds kind of scary!  Will they follow me everywhere?  I don't like when people come up from behind me.  But hey, if it gets me inside the air-conditioned truck cab, please, please, please follow me - and tell all your friends to follow me too.

During the week, lots of people come to see Dad.  He helps people retire.  He helps them rollover their 401(k)s.  I rollover sometimes - not on command - mostly because my back itches or I just like to sleep that way.  If you want to just come see me during the week, feel free.  I can't rollover your IRA (only Dad or Chris can do that), but I might randomly rollover while you're here.

Well, I should go.  Remember - we're waiting for you to visit.  (Also remember that I like food and being petted, in that order.)

                                                                                                                          Wags and Kisses,


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