We’re Back! (Well, actually we are gone – we are wintering in Arizona!)  But we are back to blogging!  Mom and Dad drove us out to Arizona.  It was a very long ride.  We got to stay in hotels.  And we had really weird experiences in something Dad called an elevator.  These sliding doors would open.  Mom and Dad would take us into a tiny room and have us turn around and sit.  Then a few seconds later the sliding doors would open again and they would walk us out of the tiny room.  How ridiculous!  What was the point?  Sarah thought they were just trying to scare us into thinking that was our room for the night.

But anyway, we made it here safely – and it is very different in Arizona.  There’s no snow here!  And it’s not very cold.  Dad said we shouldn’t focus on that too much – something about all our friends in Wisconsin shoveling snow and shivering through a polar vortex.  Dad stayed with us for a few days but then he had to go back to Wisconsin.  I miss him. (I’m his buddy, you know.)  He comes back and forth to see us on weekends.  In April, we will be riding back to Wisconsin. (I hope we don’t go in those elevators.)  We look forward to seeing all of you then.  Well I should go now.  It’s time for me to catch some rays.

Wags and Licks,